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The Lawrenceburg Utility Systems Electric Department provides service to over 21,000 customers in Lawrence County.  LUS buys all of the electricity supplied to our customers from TVA.  Our system is currently powered by five substations and consists of over 1,600 miles of service line.

Engineering/New Construction

Before power can be supplied to new construction of an enclosed home, larger than 400 square feet, and being built on a foundation, the customer must have a 911 address and a sanitary sewer letter (septic tank if outside City limits).  After obtaining a 911 address, the customer will need to call LUS to schedule an appointment with an engineer to spot the temporary service pole (provided by the customer) and/or stake the power line, if needed.   LUS will build the first 500 feet of overhead power at no charge to the customer with any additional distance charged at $3.00 per foot. 

When installing a prefabricated home, LUS will build the overhead service at the same rate, however, prior to building the overhead service, the house, land, and utility account must all be in the customer’s name. 

The temporary service pole for new construction nor the meter pole for a prefabricated home will be provided with power until signs of construction are visible and an electrical inspection is approved by the State Electrical Inspector. Spec sheets can be found by clicking below, or you can contact our office at 931-762-7161 for more information or to schedule a meeting with an engineer.

Line worker in a lift bucket

Right of Way

Improperly maintained trees are the leading cause of power outages, and these issues become especially prevalent during high winds, ice/winter storms, and thunderstorms.  The LUS Right of Way Department is responsible for maintaining a clean system of electrical distribution lines and ensuring proper clearance for all overhead lines from any and all obstructions.  To ensure the safety of our system’s equipment and to minimize the likelihood of tree-related power outage, LUS policy states that our lines must obtain a 50ft clearance (25ft on each side of the line).

Tree Planting Guide: 10 to 25 feet from lines is a no tree zone. 25 to 40 feet from lines, trees less that 25 feet tall. 40 to 60 feet from lines, trees 25 to 40 feet. 60 feet and greater is large tree zone.

Security Lights

Outdoor security lighting provides many benefits to a homeowner.  These benefits include safety, added ‘daylight’ hours, and security.  LUS offers security lighting to interested customers for a monthly charge that is added to the customer’s utility bill.  This monthly charge will fluctuate month-to-month based on the TVA fuel cost adjustment.

See the table below for initial installation fees.

  • 72 Watt LED $25
  • 110 Watt LED $25
  • 210 Watt LED Mongoose $50
  • Additional Pole Charge $50

    Additional $1.00/month charge.

Street Light

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