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24/7 Service Restoration

Help is always available to restore your utility service. Call day or night, 762-7161.

Bank Draft

Your bill can be automatically paid from your bank account each month. Learn more

Budget Billing

Know in advance how much your residential utility bill will be, so you can budget accordingly. The only requirement is to have lived in the residence for a minimum of one year. Your usage is analyzed to determine an average bill, and this same amount is billed to your account each month. Learn more

Energy Audits

Energy Audits are available to our commercial customers, to help determine ways to maximize efficiency of electric usage.


An automated cashier kiosk is available at the Locust Avenue drive through 24/7. An indoor kiosk is also available in the Locust Avenue lobby.

Night Depository

We offer after hours night depository at our drive through window.
  Please do not put cash in our night depository.

Round Up

Round your bill up to the nearest dollar and donate that change to a worthy cause of your choice.Learn more


You can receive an email with the amount of your bill. To see your actual bill you will need to sign up for SmartHub at sign up. You may also use the SmartHub app on iPad/Phone or Android devices You can use your new account number on your first new paper bill in order to sign up for SmartHub. Sign up

TVA Revised Weatherization Program

Offered through LUS, offers low interest loans on heat pumps and dual fuel heat pump systems. Please contact Mark Brewer if you are interested at extension 4699.

Low cost Security lighting

Do you need that extra feeling of protection at night? We have the following size security lights available:

streetlight [graphic]
Monthly Charge Install Fee * Size Date Last Updated
$7.37 $25.00 100 watt high pressure sodium 4/9/2018
$12.42 $25.00 250 watt high pressure sodium 4/9/2018
$25.69 $50.00 400 watt high pressure sodium 4/9/2018

  • High pressure sodium gives off a yellowish light and mercury vapor a bluish-white light.
  • Prices fluctuate from month to month based upon the TVA fuel cost adjustment.
  • * For any poles installed for a security light only, an additional one-time charge of $50.00 per pole, and a $1.00 per month per pole will also be required.

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last updated 10/28/2015