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  • 7-Zip
    Free compression utility
  • ZipGenius
    Free compression utility
  • WinRAR
    Shareware compression utility; Supports many formats
  • Winzip
    Popular compression utility
Browse the Internet without having Windows or anything else installed?
You can do this by creating a CD-ROM with one of the several free Linux installations already preconfigured. One great one is called Knoppix.
Here's how to do it:
  • Your network router/switch must be set to DHCP (automatically handing out IP addresses)
  • Go to
  • Download a knoppix file with the .ISO extension.
    At the time of this writing you can get it here
  • Once you have the .ISO file, use a software program that will take that .ISO and create a CD from it.
    On Windows, a good free one is called ImgBurn
  • Now make sure your computer is set to boot to CD-ROM first (in the BIOS setup). Or if there is a boot menu option like F12 that appears when you turn on the computer choose that.
  • With the CD in the drive, turn on the machine. It should boot into a fully working copy of Knoppix. You can browse the Internet with Konqueror.

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