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The 2014 Water Quality Report
The 2014 Water Quality Report is now available.
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New LUS Statement Billing
Customers will begin to receive new bills. These new bills will come in statement format. The new bill will show graphs of previous usage. Click the image (below) to see a sample residential bill.
Sample LUS bill

The 2013 Water Quality Report
The 2013 Water Quality Report is now available.
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You can now receive your utility bill via email at up to 10 different email addresses.
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New Deposit Policy
As of January 1, 2012 Lawrenceburg Utility Systems (LUS) will be introducing a new Deposit Policy. LUS will now require a Deposit of adequate assurance for residential accounts in the amount of $275.00. This Deposit covers a customer who would be requesting all services connected.
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Water will no longer be treated with fluoride
Effective January 1, 2012, we will no longer be treating water with fluoride. If you have questions about this you can contact 762-2118.

Most Americans are unaware of energy efficiency incentives, survey finds
Rebates, tax credits and other financial incentives are available to encourage Americans to use energy more efficiently, but few people are taking advantage of those incentives, says a survey conducted by Harris Interactive. A blog published in the Los Angeles Times talked about the survey, which was conducted for National Energy Awareness Month (October).

Half of the survey's respondents said they had made home improvements to save energy and money, but 71% said they did not take advantage of rebates, tax credits or other incentives, and 61% said they did not know that such incentives existed, the newspaper said.

Information on energy efficiency incentives can be found at, an online database founded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The database allows users to search for incentives in their area. Results can be viewed by state, type of incentive, specific technology, and whether the incentive is for a home, business, school or government entity.

DOE Smart Grid Link
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has launched a new interactive website designed to serve as a smart grid informational resource for consumers and utility professionals. The website - - features educational information, including detailed answers to frequently asked questions on the smart grid, as well as facts and information about electric vehicles, renewable energy, grid operations and distribution intelligence. The website also provides information on federal incentives and current smart grid initiatives.

According to its stated description, " is a resource for information about the smart grid and government-sponsored smart grid projects. The information on helps consumers and stakeholders understand the basics of a smart grid and the range of smart grid technologies, practices and benefits."
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