Electric Department (Right of Way)

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Although most residents of Lawrence County love nature and its surroundings, improperly maintained trees are the leading cause of power outages. Our Right of Way Department works hard to maintain a clean system of electrical distribution lines in order to minimize the likelihood of tree-related power outages. Company policy states that our lines must obtain a 50ft clearance (25ft on each side of the line.) This is necessary to ensure the safety of our system's equipment and keep our customers supplied with the services they need.

In addition to overhead power lines, we also have underground power lines. Underground lines keep neighborhoods looking their best and help prevent an entire circuit failure in a densely populated area. We have pad mounted transformers for underground distribution lines. LUS asks that you keep the transformer easily accessible to our crews should an emergency arise. This is a major safety issue that could affect you, your home, your family or a member of our staff.

Feel free contact us during our normal operating hours with any questions or to report a problem. We will be glad to address the issue to prevent future disturbances.