Economic Development

The 50 Best Small Southern Towns
− Lawrenceburg Chosen

Lawrenceburg has been chosen for the 2nd time in the book The 50 Best Small Southern Towns by Gerald W Sweitzer and Kathy M Fields. The trend of city dwellers giving up life in the fast lane for a simpler life in smaller cities has continued to grow in the last 6 years. The authors took into account overall increases in the cost of living, recent changes in the housing market and the effects of changing economic conditions on towns featured in their book. Sweitzer and Fields visited more than 150 towns in nine Southern States including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. They chose five or six towns in each state that best met the following criteria:
  • The population of the town should be no less than l,000 nor more than 25,000
  • The town should be located within 75 miles of a small city
  • The town should have a stable or growing population or the potential for growth
  • The town should be economically viable and show potential for stability or growth
  • Each town should demonstrate an enthusiasm for planned growth and community involvement
  • The town should provide a variety of cultural, education and recreational facilities
  • The town should have access to good healthcare facilities
  • Local internet access should be available as well as other informational sources
  • The town should have easy access to highways, interstates and airports
“It's such an honor for Lawrence County to receive this prestigious recognition. One of the many charms of Lawrence County is that one can live and do business without big city hustle and bustle, yet remain connected globally”
 Chad Chancellor
Executive Director of the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce.